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Moving Past
Old Boundaries

Mastercam Dynamic Motion generates tool paths that expand the machining boundaries to include not just the area from which metal is to be removed, but also the changing condition of the material throughout the various stages of machining.
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Mastercam X9 will be released by mid-summer.  
We will set our Rollout schedule as soon as we know the exact release date.

Our Rollouts are free education events that teach end users how to understand and utilize the latest Mastercam upgrades, products and features, including:

  • Migrating to the new version.
  • Applying new features to daily processes.
  • Addressing common questions.
  • Getting tips and tricks all designers, engineers and machinists need to know.
Rollout participants tell us that they find both the training and networking extremely valuable.

We recommend sending at least one person from your shop to be sure you're on the toolpath edge for 2015.

Be Dynamic

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Mastercam integrated CMMs, Machine Tool Probes and Inspection Arms include Master3DGage and Renishaw.

  • Align/Inspect/Report process
  • No metrology experience required
  • Powered by simple Verisurf software
  • Rapid, accurate part quality verification anywhere in your shop


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Why Choose Mastercam?

#1 in installed seats worldwide
Mastercam is the leading CAM provider Worldwide
We lead our closest competitor by a margin of 2-1. More people year after year choose Mastercam as the Industry standard.

More tools in the toolbox
Rely on the highest quality, most robust toolpath generation system available. Control all aspects of tool motion for maximum efficiency, saving you time and money.

Effective add-on productivity tools
From Inspection and Reverse Engineering to Robotics, Tool/Die and Mold making, the leading 3rd party productivity tools run seamlessly inside Mastercam. Software developers choose Mastercam first.

Why Choose Prototek?

Truly customized training
No cookie-cutter, generic classes that leave you with too many questions. All training is customized to your type of work, developed specifically for your needs.

Mastercam certification and continuing education
Mastercam Cerified Instructors and Training Center. Rely on us to keep your skills sharp now and for years to come.

Best-in-class local support
We set the industry standard for fast, effective solutions to your toughest problems. Gain immediate access to knowledgeable, saavy Mastercam machining experts.