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Productivity enhancing add-on products for Mastercam.



Master3dgageIntroducing Master3DGageTM – an affordable and portable rapid 3D inspection solution that enables machine shops to significantly increase production and improve part quality. The complete hardware/software solution automates the 3D inspection process and quickly verifies manufactured parts directly to 3D CAD models.

Master3DGageTM integrates a Hexagon Metrology six-axis Portable CMM – one of the world’s most accurate – with advanced 3D model-based inspection software. This complete solution delivers a precise, fully automated digital process to inspect directly to CAD models anywhere on the shop floor including your Machine Tool. First article inspections can be completed in minutes.

  1. Align: Align manufactured part to 3D CAD model by probing part to corresponding alignment targets on 3D CAD model.
  2. Inspect: Inspect manufactured part in real time by manually probing or by following automated inspection plans.
  3. Report: Report inspection results are automatically generated in HTML and Excel formats.
The Master3DGageTM rapid inspection process improves manufacturing productivity in several ways. First, it eliminates dependence on 2D drawings, dozens of hand tools and gages. Second, it eliminates the need to route products away from the manufacturing process to fixed inspection areas. Third, it completes a fully digital 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, and inspection workflow.


RBM-logoCad/Cam for robots.

The cost-efficiency and flexibility of robots plus the ease of programming of Mastercam. Robotmaster generates programs off-line and eliminates lost production time during programming. Robotmaster shrinks programming time from days to hours by generating robot control code directly from Mastercam, producing robot trajectories accurately, without the need to teach points.



Moldplus® Professional for Mastercam

Powerful surface design tools for any client doing complex modeling in Mastercam. Includes special tools for various industries from mold and electrode design to model makers and the aerospace industry.

  • Radically reduces your tool design cycle.
  • Multi-function program automates repetitive or complex design tasks.
  • Heal or fix problematic surfaces, trim or untrim complex surfaces, and create complex patches with a few clicks.
  • Jobs that once took long tedious hours can now be done in minutes.
  • Build strong electrodes or create vacuum forming tools in a matter of minutes.

Moldplus® 5 Axis Toolkit

Powerful tools for surface analysis and geometry preparation for 3 to 5-axis machining.
  • 1-click surface normal setting, part extension, radius analysis and powerful 5-axis curve and vector creation utilities.
  • Create 5-axis curves and tilt vectors and manipulate the tilt vectors with superior ease and speed.
  • Identify collisions with custom or standard tooling and rotate vectors out of collision with blinding speed.
  • Move curves and vectors relative to manufacturing requirements with easy graphical tools.

MetaCut Utilities - Affordable Verification and Simulation


MetaCut Utilities offers a broad collection of interactive utilities that simultaneously provide NC visualization, graphical editing, analysis, verification and much more for the CNC professional. For a free trial of MCU version 3.08, please visit