All of us at ProtoTek Engineering are dedicated to each Mastercam customer we serve. Our pledge is to provide not only the #1 CAD/CAM software in the world, but to make sure every customer receives the best support, maintenance and training available. To help assist us in confirming that pledge, we offer a few words you’ll enjoy reading. We are serious about your success and thank the many friends of ProtoTek and Mastercam who have generously offered these observations.

"It used to take us 2-3 days to make our cutters manually. Now we make them in a fraction of the time with Mastercam"

Corky Brown - Moline

"Mastercam’s Toolpath Refinement means shorter run times & the best finishes we’ve ever seen. Polishing has become a thing of the past"

Dave King - Choice Tool

"I waited more than a year with another vendor to be able to make this part. Mastercam did it in a matter of hours."

Mike Prahl - Mike's USA